Does Focus T25 Really Work?

Since FocusT25 came out all I seem to be seeing is significantly more and more inquiries in regards to the workout program and the #1 question which I get is, “Does Focus T25 actually get results?” (If you want to read the original article I wrote then click on this link – Focus T25 Review?

Now that is a very good query. Right along with other well-known queries of our age like, “Which came first; the chicken or the egg?” or “Why did the chicken cross the road?” (what’s up with all of the inquiries involving chickens?) and obviously there is, “Where’s the beef?” In spite of this, only 1 of those queries, in reality, has an answer…

Does Focus T25 Genuinely Work?

For my more visual/auditory-geared individuals I made this video – Does Focus T25 Really Work – that answers if T25 genuinely helps you lose weight!

Yeah, crazy video right? I bet you weren’t expecting the banjo and kazoo combo to come out of nowhere…

Anyways, if you missed out on all the video fun I mostly give a number of honest testimonies from people that were a part of the Focus T25 test group and had some exceptional results. Here are just a few of them below;

ImageIf you have done or seen any of the other Shaun T. workout programs like Insanity or Hip-Hop Abs then you might recognize this familiar face. Tania lost 16 POUNDS following 1 complete pass (ten weeks) of T25 but her background is what tends to make her transformation story outstanding. She had just had a 2nd child that was delivered by C-Section AND was practically 40 when she jumped back onto her overall health & fitness journey.

She thought she would never have killer abs again following her C-Section, and not so close to 40 (she was 39 at that time) but her “After” photo would show otherwise!

ImageDerek B. had a radical transformation with Focus T25 but I don’t have to tell YOU that, you can see it for yourself! Derek became committed to his overall health & fitness with T25 which is how he lost 41lbs. with a workout that takes less than thirty minutes and is only carried out 5 times a week.

Now Derek looks AND feels quite a bit better.

Personally, it does me loads of good to see stories like Derek’s and Tania’s because it is living & breathing proof that age is only a number.

Josh probably has the most inspirational achievement with Focus T25 I’ve observed so far. Before Josh did T25 he was a pretty big guy with a substantial amount of weight to lose. On top of that he’s tall which does not combine well with being overweight and was going to make it pretty challenging for him to keep up with Shaun T through the workouts.

ImageBut that is where the inspiration behind his story lies. Even with some big factors against him Josh decided to rise to the challenge and did WHAT HE COULD. Because he knew he couldn’t keep up with Shaun T. right off the bat he chose to do what he could with where he already was. For him that meant using the modifier.

As he kept getting in better and better shape he would start to progress, following Shaun, until he couldn’t go any further and would regress to the modifier to stay active. Just after awhile, he found he could keep up with Shaun T!

So what’s so amazing about Josh’s story then? Josh lost over 60 POUNDS using JUST the modifiers! Do what you can and the results will come!

WHY Does Focus T25 Actually Work?

As you can tell from these stories (there is a lot more in the video, including mine so go watch it!) Focus T25 works. I mean REALLLLLLY works. But results stories and videos aside there’s a reason why Focus T25 genuinely does operate. And that reason…is science! Far more specifically, sports & performance science. But I’m not about to pull up a pile of boring charts and give you a boring lecture while I use a boring laser pointer to point out boring facts on a boring powerpoint presentation.

The reason why T25 actually does is work is that your typical training program (from your personal trainer, the Mens Health workout plan that comes out every month, etc.) is in general based on the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model developed by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) or is just a series of movements/exercises that you have learned somewhere and are used pretty loosely. The OPT Model is broken down into 5 stages of training with each stage focused on a different type of training and outcome. I’ve provided a visualization of the OPT Model for you personally.

The OPT Model has a whole mess of reports and research that support it as the best model for training. It applies to anyone no matter their age, their fitness level, or physical limitation. This model is great and it works but…there’s 1 tiny “issue” with it. It takes time.

I mean, it takes a whole lot of time. Each phase lasts about 4 weeks, depending on your progression, goals, limitations, etc and even though most individuals don’t go through all the stages (stage 4 is for building lots of muscle and strength) you still may have to cycle back to earlier stages before progressing to the next one. For most individuals, like those just wanting to lose some fat around the belly and look better, the inital goals and outcomes won’t be there until approximately the 12th week. Additionally, the time it would take to get Focus T25 level outcomes with the traditional OPT Model would normally be estimated around 6 months…

Instead, Shaun T compounded multiple stages of the OPT Model into a single system. Throughout the entire program you’re working on three (sometimes 4 depending on your goals) stages of training within just 1 exercise! And the progression through the stages is absolutely seamless which means that your body is working in a variety of diverse ways but you’re not even aware of it.

Shaun T doesn’t just let it slide with some compounded workouts though, he also uses muscle confusion in every single workout. Because you are constantly shifting movements and intensities with Focus T25 your muscles never actually get a chance to “learn” them. That could possibly sound bad but trust me, muscle confusion brings the kind of adaptations you want.

So put simply, the reason why Focus T25 works is because it compounds multiple stages of training with muscle confusion which results in a higher metabolic burn. This equates to additional calories (and fat!) burned while you build more lean body mass (less room for fat!).

So…Does Focus T25 Really Work?

Well after looking at the accomplishment stories, the science, and using my personal experience I can answer that question with an emphatic…yes!

BUT, I have to add, it only works when you make the choice to commit to yourself. To commit to your health, your fitness, your wellbeing, your life! Whether you need to lose weight and get in shape for you personally, your spouse, your family members, your career, or whatever your reason, Focus T25 will definitely help get you there but only when you take action.

If you’re ready to get in your best shape ever then you may be a perfect candidate for my next Online T25 Focus Group. You could be part of a small & tight-knit group where every member is there to motivate, encourage, and support each other but with the focus on hang fun with the journey. No matter where you are!

Additionally you get fitness AND nutrition help along with personal coaching from me and my team. I only take on serious & committed individuals so if you’re ready message me today to get started towards the body & confidence that you want! 


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